Megel Family

Family Session  |  Indianapolis, IN |  June 2016

There was so much to love about this session: seeing a gorgeous family who’s grown to three kids since I first met them years ago, a perfect summer sky, one of my favorite Indianapolis locations, and plenty of duck watching and fish spotting to go around.  Mom and dad have their hands full with these three cuties in the best way possible — there’s no shortage of energy and excitement with these kiddos. And what fun they are! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to capture just a little bit of this story, and I can’t wait to see how the Megels continue to grow and adventure together in the future.


The Dalverny Family

Family Session  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  August 2015

It’s sometimes challenging to photograph your own family, but I got lucky with this crew.  Not only are they incredibly photogenic as a rule, but they tolerate my teasing and antics arguably more willingly than clients I’ve just met. We were also shooting in my absolute favorite location in Indianapolis under a perfectly blue sky dotted by puffy, fluffy white clouds, so it really couldn’t have been much better. It’s crazy to see just how grown up the “kids” are starting to look, and I can’t wait to see some of these images blown up into wall art for their house! I hope these four continue laughing together for many, many, many more years ❤


The Walsh Family

Family Session  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  August 2015

If you want to acutely feel the passing of time, become a portrait photographer.  Become a portrait photographer for beautiful families with kids a couple of years apart.  When I started photographing this lovely family they had one off to college, one just starting high school.  And now . . . I feel like I only blinked, and everyone grew up!  I’m not sure when that happened, but it’s been a pleasure to witness and capture through the lens.



Head Shot Session  | Indianapolis, IN  |  August 2014

I truly believe that just about everyone is beautiful and photogenic when photographed in the right setting with the right set of circumstances. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of this job — having clients who don’t enjoy having their picture taken and don’t see the beauty all around and inside of themselves who are then happy when they finally see the proofs from their session.  That being said, sometimes you have clients like Miss Emily here who don’t need any coaxing because they’re completely stunning and great in front of the camera no matter the setting. And then you just can’t stop shooting! I definitely had that problem during our sunny session in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. Emily is a stunner. That hair, those eyes; simply gorgeous as you can see.







Head Shot Session  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  April 2014

I’m so excited to share the preview of this lovely lady’s session! I’ve known Annie since we were both just little baby bunheads studying dance in Indianapolis, and I’m so blessed to have been able to see her grow and blossom over the years. Currently I’m super excited for her as she begins the newest chapter in her life; since she was just recently certified to teach yoga it was the perfect time to do some photos in gorgeous downtown Indy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s simply stunning in any location. I can’t wait to watch Annie develop her passion into what I’m sure will soon be a thriving yoga practice, and I’m so very proud of everything she’s accomplished! ❤