Senior Session  |  Class of 2017  |  Mount Pleasant, MI  |  June 2016

Part of this gorgeous summer was even more stunning thanks to this beauty!  Jacquelin was incredibly easy to work with and tolerated all of my crazy suggestions — “give yourself a hug, lie down on this log, look thoughtfully off into the distance” — so graciously.  I’m excited to watch where this lady goes next, and I can only hope I’ll be able to get her back in front of my camera again soon. Congratulations and here’s to a fantastic senior year!




Senior Session  |  Indianapolis, IN |  August 2015

Senior portraits aren’t always the highlight of any young man’s summer plans, but Anthony was a good sport, and we even had some fun during his warm summer session.  Cathedral High School is one of the most picturesque campuses in Indianapolis especially in August when the trees are full and green.  Despite the mosquitos and warm temperature, we managed to get some great shots! Congrats on what I’m sure will be a fantastic senior year Anthony.



Class of 2015  | Cathedral High School  |  Indianapolis, IN |  August 2014

I think all photographers love seeing their clients come back for session after session especially when there are young people in the family. I first started photographing Brian’s family a number of years ago and since then it’s been incredible to see each of the four kids grow and change for session to session. I can hardly believe Brian is a senior this year! He’s grown into (though I suspect maybe he’s always been) an exceptionally poised and polite young man. He’s also incredibly patient since both mom and I were coaxing and directing him throughout his entire shoot! Congrats and here’s to a great senior year Brian!



Class of 2015  | Cathedral High School  |  Indianapolis, IN |  July 2014

I could tell even before I met Adam that he was going to be a pretty easy-going guy — very laid back and go with the flow.  Despite the fact that it was nearing 90 degrees during our mid-morning session, Adam kept his cool and tolerated all my ideas and direction. I’m so glad he did because the spontaneous photos we did with a random school bus are some of my favorites! Best of luck in your senior year Adam.



Class of 2014  | Cathedral High School  |  Indianapolis, IN |  July 2013

This post is a little longer than my senior previews generally are, but you’ll just have to forgive a big sister.  My entire session with Alex was full of laughter, jokes, and my inner monologue of “who is this grown up kid, and where did my baby brother go?”  It literally seems like just a few weeks ago that I was shooting my other brother Austin’s senior portraits, but the truth is that his session was over two years ago!  So the baby of the family is not such a baby anymore — he’s a senior at Cathedral, a varsity baseball player, and a committed recruit to Yale for the fall of 2014.  Needless to say I’m pretty proud, as only an older sister can be, and incredibly thankful that I had a chance to capture Al just before he launches into his senior year and everything after that.  (Especially since he gave me such a great set of samples of typical teen Instagram selfie faces.)  😉



Class of 2014  | Cathedral High School  |  Indianapolis, IN |  July 2013

I feel like with every crop of seniors, I find myself saying “I can’t believe you guys are seniors!”  Well this year it’s especially true — and boy was that clear when I met up with Brandon for his senior session.  I’ve known Brandon since he was in middle school and it’s been amazing to watch him grow up since I first met him!  The fact that he’s now a senior at the same high school I attended is both awesome and surreal.


B – I’m really proud of you, and I absolutely can’t wait to see where you go after this year. I have no doubt you’ll keep doing great things! Hope your senior year is everything you want it to be! ❤


Class of 2012  | Cathedral High School  |  Indianapolis, IN |  June 2012

Being a natural light photographer without a physical studio means that for most of my sessions I give clients a list of location suggestions, and we go from there.  Occasionally though someone will book a session with me and already have a great location that I don’t know about! Zach’s senior session was a great example of one such session.  We decided just to use the family property for our sunny, summer senior portrait session, and I was pleasantly surprised. We had beautiful weather and a number of great backdrops, and Zach didn’t even have to leave home! Zach is off to college in the fall, and I was thrilled to capture some images of his last summer at home. All the best Zach; I can’t wait to see where you go next!