Rapisarda Family

Mini Session  |   Winter Park, FL  |  December 2016

I had an absolute blast with this family.   🙂 They have simply the best energy, and from our very first emails back and forth with mom it was obvious that we were going to have fun together.  My favorite part of this shoot was how much personality their three kiddos have; so much personality in fact, that narrowing down their final proofs was nearly impossible. I’ve got my fingers crossed that our next session will be even longer! sbp_minisession_2016-1_blog_blog


I think I even found a new assistant — little Dylan took this shot all on his own! 🙂 I love it when kids have questions about the camera and want to know more about photography ❤

Amber & Matt

Engagement Session  |  New Smyrna Beach, FL |  October 2014

There are few things better than a Florida beach on a beautiful fall afternoon. . . that is of course unless you have the pleasure of having two stunning (very much in love) models like these two! It’s always my goal to capture clients in a way that truly shows their real personalities, and with Amber and Matt that wasn’t difficult at all. They’re not only stunning in front of the camera, but they also came prepared with some ideas of their own, and they weren’t afraid to be a little goofy (mostly without prompting on my part). You don’t need me to tell you much more about this couple because both their dynamic as a duo and the love they share are both readily apparent in the photos.



Newborn Portraits | Grand Rapids, MI |  July 2013

There are so many wonderful things about new babies, including how quickly they grow and change almost immediately after they’re born.  That’s just one of the reasons I was so happy that I was able to do a quick session with Bobby while he was just nine days old!  As little ones go, Bobby was pretty well-behaved, but after his aunt and I arranged, and changed, and kept him wide awake for over an hour he was ready for a nice long nap.  Despite his best efforts we even managed to capture a few little smirks and smiles. I can’t wait to see how much this little guy grows over the next few months. I’m already predicting he’ll be full of personality!