Head Shot Session  |  Orlando, FL  |  May 2014

To write a long post about Carlos’ session would be a bit ironic since he’s generally a pretty quiet and reserved person. That fact alone makes me feel exceptionally pleased that I managed to coax at least a few genuine smiles out of him. And, since Carlos is a professional dancer by trade we had to take at least one photo swinging from a lamp-post a la Gene Kelly.






Head Shot Session  |  Celebration, FL  |  January 2014

Central Florida is known for many things perhaps mostly its tourist attractions and theme parks. With so many entertainment parks, shows, and events it’s no surprise that a big portion of the local population is in the performing arts. From singers, to dancers, to tumblers, to actors, countless talented hopefuls have found a place to do what they love and to call home simultaneously.  A Michigan native, CR is one such performers who recently relocated to the sunshine state. In preparation for spring audition season, we spent some time in beautiful Celebration for a head shot session that he can add to his portfolio. Having seen CR perform in the past, I’m confident that he’ll find no shortage of work here in Florida!




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