Jamie & Brad

Mini Session  |   Winter Park, FL  |  October 2016

These two…. there’s not much to say except, they were so so easy to shoot with, and their little furbaby Georgia was absolutely the star of the show. Working pets into sessions is always fun and often challenging, but this little lady was pretty spectacular — and those ears! Jamie & Brad didn’t need a whole lot of direction or input from me; they were natural and relaxed from the get go which made my job a total breeze.  I can’t wait to work with this little family again in the future — thanks for making such gorgeous images you guys!


Sarah & Justin

Anniversary Session  |  Cadillac, MI |  June 2015

These two.  I wasn’t sure it was possible that they could be more adorable or any more in love, but even though it’s been a year since their gorgeous beach wedding they appear to be just that.  I was so excited when they told me they wanted to book a session on one of my summer trips back to Michigan.  Even though the weather wasn’t particularly summery, we still had a great time at some of their favorite spots in downtown Cadillac and even managed to get a few with their adorable pup. One of my favorite things about this couple is how natural they are in front of the camera; sometimes I feel like I have to interrupt them and remind them I’m still there shooting. I can’t wait to watch them fall even more in love from year to year.


Amber & Matt

Engagement Session  |  New Smyrna Beach, FL |  October 2014

There are few things better than a Florida beach on a beautiful fall afternoon. . . that is of course unless you have the pleasure of having two stunning (very much in love) models like these two! It’s always my goal to capture clients in a way that truly shows their real personalities, and with Amber and Matt that wasn’t difficult at all. They’re not only stunning in front of the camera, but they also came prepared with some ideas of their own, and they weren’t afraid to be a little goofy (mostly without prompting on my part). You don’t need me to tell you much more about this couple because both their dynamic as a duo and the love they share are both readily apparent in the photos.


Summer & Joe

Engagement Session  |  Frankfort, MI |  July 2014

Summertime is definitely making a strong case to be my favorite season of the year.  In large part because it’s generally the time of year when I get to travel back to the Midwest and photograph lovely people like this couple!  I’d been looking forward to Summer & Joe’s engagement session for a few weeks, but I got even more excited when I discovered that we would actually be doing their photos in Frankfort. (You may recognize this beautiful beach from Justin & Sarah’s Wedding post last summer!) Not only is Frankfort a lovely little town on the shore of Lake Michigan complete with plenty of cute shops and restaurants, but the beach is stunning and has a great lighthouse pier. We had a lot of fun waiting for the sun to set and trying to keep the cameras dry during their engagement session. I’m ecstatic that I get to photograph these two lovebirds again at their wedding in less than a year — plus it will be summertime again then!