Baby Jane

Newborn Session  |   Indianapolis, IN  |  November 2016

Brittany and Colten had one of my favorite wedding days — gorgeous weather, a laid back bridal party, and a fun and heartfelt reception. So it’s no surprise that I was instantly smitten with their darling little girl. Baby Jane is going to have plenty of personality and no shortage of loving family all around her as she grows up. She was a total trooper through our session, and I can’t wait to see how much she’ll have changed by the next time I see this sweet family.


Jamie & Brad

Mini Session  |   Winter Park, FL  |  October 2016

These two…. there’s not much to say except, they were so so easy to shoot with, and their little furbaby Georgia was absolutely the star of the show. Working pets into sessions is always fun and often challenging, but this little lady was pretty spectacular — and those ears! Jamie & Brad didn’t need a whole lot of direction or input from me; they were natural and relaxed from the get go which made my job a total breeze.  I can’t wait to work with this little family again in the future — thanks for making such gorgeous images you guys!


The Walsh Family

Family Session  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  August 2015

If you want to acutely feel the passing of time, become a portrait photographer.  Become a portrait photographer for beautiful families with kids a couple of years apart.  When I started photographing this lovely family they had one off to college, one just starting high school.  And now . . . I feel like I only blinked, and everyone grew up!  I’m not sure when that happened, but it’s been a pleasure to witness and capture through the lens.


The Walsh Family

Family Session  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  April 2014

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel split between your old home and your new one. I love my Florida clients, but there’s something extra special about the few times a year I’m able to reconnect with the ones back in the Midwest. Photographing this family is a particular joy not only because they’re easy to work with, but also because since every time I see them someone has grown a few more inches! It seems like just yesterday we were doing their oldest’s senior portraits, and she’s already heading into her last two years of college with her little brothers hot on her heels. Where does the time go?