Jamie & Brad

Mini Session  |   Winter Park, FL  |  October 2016

These two…. there’s not much to say except, they were so so easy to shoot with, and their little furbaby Georgia was absolutely the star of the show. Working pets into sessions is always fun and often challenging, but this little lady was pretty spectacular — and those ears! Jamie & Brad didn’t need a whole lot of direction or input from me; they were natural and relaxed from the get go which made my job a total breeze.  I can’t wait to work with this little family again in the future — thanks for making such gorgeous images you guys!


Barre3 in the Park


Special Event  |  Winter Park, FL  |  May 2016

As much as I adore shooting families, couples, seniors, and weddings, sometimes it’s fun to do something a little bit different. When I had the opportunity to document Barre3 Winter Park‘s annual Barre in the Park class this year I was jazzed! Though I may be a bit biased, I truly believe that Barre3 is a fantastic part of our local community — and I love that they offer free events like this park class.



|  The Grove  |  Lululemon Athletica  |  Origins Winter Park  |  Farm Haus  |  New Moon Market

Kelsey & Joel

Wedding  |  Anna Maria Island, FL  |  October 2015

I absolutely love living in Florida. Sure there are a few downsides — like the almost unbearably warm summers and the love bugs and the tourist/senior drivers — but there are so many incredible upsides!  Kelsey and Joel’s morning beachside wedding beautifully illustrates quite a number of these.  Sunshine, palm trees, the ocean, and a simply gorgeous fall day to name a few.  And as if that wasn’t enough of a dream for a wedding photographer, this couple and their wedding party sealed the deal.  Both the bride and groom come from the hospitality/entertainment/fitness industry so I knew from the get go that it was going to be an entertaining day.  Despite the early morning “call time” (performer speak for when you need to show up somewhere) this whole crew was bubbling over with joy and excitement almost from the start, and I left their wedding reception with sincere gratitude that spending such a momentous day with amazing couples like Kelsey and Joel is what I get to call work!




|  Venue: The Sandbar  |  Videographer: D. Norwood Photography  |  DJ: Gary Kocher – Gainesville Event DJs

Eva – 1 Year

Family Session  |  Ormond Beach, FL |  September 2015

This little lady. Long awaited and anticipated, Miss Eva is a true Florida ray of sunshine. Happy, easy going, and quick to smile and giggle, she’s a joy to be around and even more of a pleasure to photograph.  Though she wasn’t a big fan of the water during our beach session, she was fascinated by the sand — and is there anything better than sandy baby fingers and toes?  A family this adorable and loving might be one of the few things that is.



The Curry Family

Family Session  |  Orlando, FL  |  October 2014

Florida can be a magical place without a doubt. . . palm trees, sunshine, Disney World. So what better excuse for a quick family session than a first visit to the land of the mouse? That’s exactly what we did for this lovely Hoosier family, and I’m so glad they let me hijack a few hours of their precious vacation. Since Julie is a photographer by trade, the whole family knew the drill and were super easy to work with during our shoot. Plus, Ashton is about the cutest thing to visit Florida and seeing him experience sand in the midst of a week full of magical moments was the cherry on top.




Head Shot Session  |  Orlando, FL  |  May 2014

To write a long post about Carlos’ session would be a bit ironic since he’s generally a pretty quiet and reserved person. That fact alone makes me feel exceptionally pleased that I managed to coax at least a few genuine smiles out of him. And, since Carlos is a professional dancer by trade we had to take at least one photo swinging from a lamp-post a la Gene Kelly.





Derick & Amanda

Proposal Shoot  |  Auburndale, FL |  February 2014

Proposal shoots are always exciting, but rarely are they so well thought out by the groom to-be. When I first started emailing with Derick, I was amazed by just how prepared he was. I always love helping plan the details of a surprise proposal, but it was also a pleasant change to be able to sit back and go with the flow. Despite some rain drops and the unexpected popularity of our location, the proposal went off without a hitch. Thanks to the talented guys of The Flexible Four for their part in the surprise! Congrats again Derick and Amanda!


Location: Ephriam M. Baynard House  |  Live Music: The Flexible Four