Nick & Carrie

Engagement Session  |  Mount Pleasant, MI |  June 2015

Since I’ve had the advantage of knowing Nick & Carrie for a few years, I was certain their engagement session would be a breeze. And it was! We were lucky to avoid most of the rain showers and even got some great photos on campus at Alma College where these two first met.  A few of my favorite things about this adorable duo: the way Carrie’s nose wrinkles when Nick makes her laugh, the absolutely absurd things Nick does to prompt that laugh, and how willing they were to give every goofy idea of mine a try.  I was thrilled when they called me about setting up an engagement session, and I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding next year! I’m so happy for you two — here’s to many more years of fun and laughter.


Noelle & Devin

Engagement Session |  St. Clair, MI  | June 2012

One of the lovely extra perks of my job is that I get to travel and see so many really beautiful locations. St. Clair, where I met Noelle and Devin for their engagement session, is a picturesque little waterside town just across the border from Canada. We spent a couple of hours on a perfect summer day down by the waterfront, and somewhere along the way Noelle and Devin enchanted me with their easy-going manner and quick smiles. I’d worked with Noelle for over a year while we were both on the student life staff at Alma, so it was a real treat to be able to get to know her and Devin a little better. Plus, they’re both super easy to photograph, so we got some really stunning images!


Alissa & Matt

Engagement Session  |  Alma, MI  |  June 2012

Every photographer has a few favorite places to shoot sessions, and one of mine is my alma mater, Alma College. There are a couple of reasons I love working on campus at Alma:

  1. Because it’s beautiful just about any time of year, whether it’s covered in snow or springtime flowers.
  2. Because it brings back so many wonderful memories of my four years as a student (four years that just ended a few months ago in fact).
  3. Because it usually means I’m working with some other fantastic alums!

Alissa and Matt were friends of mine through the religious life and service programs at Alma, and I’ve known both of them since they started dating. So when they got engaged I was just one of their many acquaintances who rushed to post my congratulations on Facebook. I was even happier when Alissa called me up to talk about setting up an engagement session. For Alissa and Matt, Alma was the perfect spot for a session since it was such a big part of their relationship. We had a beautiful summer late-afternoon, and I even managed to get some great, genuine smiles out of Matt who hates having his picture taken. Congrats Alissa & Matt, and thanks for giving me such a wonderful reason to spend some time back on campus!


Claire & Christian

Engagement  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  August 2011

It’s a wonderful thing when you have a chance to reconnect with old friends after a while; it’s even better when they ask you to photograph an important milestone in their lives simultaneously! That’s exactly how I felt about Claire and Christian’s summer engagement session. I’ve known Claire since we were about 10 years old and though we fell mostly out of touch through high school and college, it was almost like nothing had changed when we met up on the campus of Butler University. Nothing except for her handsome fiance! Claire and Christian have a great story — they went to high school and college together and spent summers working as camp counselors on the same staff.  After years of dating, when Christian decided to pop the question he did it at the same camp with all their friends and co-workers ready to celebrate. I love that my old friend has found such a wonderful guy, and I can’t wait to see how their lives continues after the wedding!


Amanda & Chad

Engagement Session | Remus, MI |  April 2011

Amanda and Chad are one of those couples whose e-session made me so excited for their upcoming wedding. They were so easy to work with that I know their big day is going to be a breeze.  These first sessions are such an important touch point for me as a photographer because they let me get to know a couple before the stress and excitement and craziness of wedding day has set in completely.  For Chad & Amanda’s session we spent some time on a nearby family property enjoying a gorgeous spring afternoon. Chad and Amanda are a lovely pairing of oppositions — she’s quick to smile and talkative; he’s a little more reserved, but lights up whenever he looks at his bride to be. I can’t believe that in just a few months I’ll be posting images from their wedding!


Kelly & Lee

Engagement Session  |  Alma, MI  |  April 2011

We had already booked their engagement session when I got a message from a friend of Kelly & Lee’s wanting to pay for the session as a gift. I was touched by the idea, and on the day of their shoot when I told Kelly & Lee that an anonymous friend had already taken care of their session fee, they were floored (and a little exasperated that I wouldn’t tell them who had been so generous). I quickly discovered that this is a couple with not just one but many, many wonderful friends and family members who would bend over backwards for them, and it only took a few shots into their session to see why. We shot their engagement session at Alma College, and they came prepared with a list of different places on campus that meant something to their story as a couple. From the study room of their first dorm building to the steps of Kelly’s sorority house, every stop during the shoot was another chapter of how they met, became friends, and fell in love. I can’t wait for their wedding in a few months! Congratulations Kelly & Lee, and thanks for letting me capture a little piece of your wonderful journey!


Kate & Anthony

Engagement Session  |  Mount Pleasant, MI  | March 2011

Kate & Anthony are my favorite kind of couple to photograph — totally in love, tons of fun, and willing to indulge all my crazy ideas! We shot their session at a park in March (which in Michigan meant there was still snow on the ground), and I had them climbing all over the playground, walking over the river on the railroad tracks, and traipsing all over the place through the mud and snow. They greeted every zany idea with an enthusiastic “sure!” and never once complained, though Kate was a little nervous when I was shooting her engagement ring on the open slats of the railroad tracks over the water. 🙂  We had a great time despite the snow, and I think it really shows in the final product. Congratulations you guys! Best wishes for many years filled with love, fun, and crazy ideas!