Mallory & Chris

Wedding  |  Reed City, MI  |  June 2015

There’s a lot of talk about love at weddings, and rightly so — they are a celebration of the very best in our relationships and family and the promise of a future to come.  Mallory and Chris’ day was full of love and lovely sights and moments, but it was a wonderful reminder that there is so much more and that “love is a verb.”  There isn’t much more to say about this beautiful couple or they’re perfectly picturesque country wedding. . . other than how incredibly blessed I feel to have been part of such a wonderful celebration, and that if I look even half as beautiful on my wedding day as Mallory did then I will be ecstatic.  Mallory and Chris, the world is a brighter place because of the two of you. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of that!


|  Wedding Venue: Reed City Church of the Nazerene  |  Catering: John Reynolds, Caterer  |  *so much of Mallory and Chris’ wedding was a collaboration of family and friends: the bouquets/boutonnieres, the pie buffet, the reception decorations were all assembled and put together by the bride and family/friends!  

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