Alissa & Matt

Engagement Session  |  Alma, MI  |  June 2012

Every photographer has a few favorite places to shoot sessions, and one of mine is my alma mater, Alma College. There are a couple of reasons I love working on campus at Alma:

  1. Because it’s beautiful just about any time of year, whether it’s covered in snow or springtime flowers.
  2. Because it brings back so many wonderful memories of my four years as a student (four years that just ended a few months ago in fact).
  3. Because it usually means I’m working with some other fantastic alums!

Alissa and Matt were friends of mine through the religious life and service programs at Alma, and I’ve known both of them since they started dating. So when they got engaged I was just one of their many acquaintances who rushed to post my congratulations on Facebook. I was even happier when Alissa called me up to talk about setting up an engagement session. For Alissa and Matt, Alma was the perfect spot for a session since it was such a big part of their relationship. We had a beautiful summer late-afternoon, and I even managed to get some great, genuine smiles out of Matt who hates having his picture taken. Congrats Alissa & Matt, and thanks for giving me such a wonderful reason to spend some time back on campus!



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