Melanie & Adam

Wedding  |  Indianapolis, IN  |  June 2011

Sometimes it’s nice to take more of a backseat on a wedding day and not be the one responsible for keeping tabs on the schedule, where everyone is standing in family portraits, whether or not there are enough photos of Great Aunt Ida. I had the opportunity this month to second shoot for the lovely ladies of Milestone Photography and had a blast. Normally Brie and Stephanie are a two person team and cover weddings together, but since Stephanie, who is Adam’s sister, was in the bridal party they were going to be short a photographer. Melanie and I had known each other for a while  — we trained and danced together on and off for a number  of years — so she sent me an email about stepping in to help out.  Of course I was more than happy to! Thanks so much to both Mel & Adam and Milestone Photography for the chance to be a part of such a beautiful day!


|  Primary Photography: Milestone Photography |  Ceremony: Sacred Heart  |  Reception: Creation Cafe  |  Florist: Flowers and Gifts by Steve  |  Cake: The Cake Stand  |  DJ: Event One DJs  |  Videographer: Jeff Cooney  |


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