Kelly & Lee

Engagement Session  |  Alma, MI  |  April 2011

We had already booked their engagement session when I got a message from a friend of Kelly & Lee’s wanting to pay for the session as a gift. I was touched by the idea, and on the day of their shoot when I told Kelly & Lee that an anonymous friend had already taken care of their session fee, they were floored (and a little exasperated that I wouldn’t tell them who had been so generous). I quickly discovered that this is a couple with not just one but many, many wonderful friends and family members who would bend over backwards for them, and it only took a few shots into their session to see why. We shot their engagement session at Alma College, and they came prepared with a list of different places on campus that meant something to their story as a couple. From the study room of their first dorm building to the steps of Kelly’s sorority house, every stop during the shoot was another chapter of how they met, became friends, and fell in love. I can’t wait for their wedding in a few months! Congratulations Kelly & Lee, and thanks for letting me capture a little piece of your wonderful journey!



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